This information is for adult learners


The price of the lessons depends on many factors.


Some students want to have short lessons and a lot of homework. Some prefer having 2-3 classes a week with me and do little homework. Some people prefer having classes alone, some come with their friend. (I personally prefer small groups, we can learn from each other a lot and classes tend to be more fun!)


I charge for the time I invest into your classes not for the actual time we spend together.


I work with you and for you.


So, prices tend to range between 20-50 EUR a lesson depending on what you want, how you want to study and with whom.




I guarantee that while you study with me, you will learn and grow in both confidence and knowledge. The reason why I can guarantee this is that I will not work with you if you do not do the work! 🙂



Group sizes can range from 2-4 people/group

Number of classes a week:  1-3/week

Timing of the class is between 45-120 min/class

You can study with me 7 days a week between 7am-10pm CET.

Levels: beginner A1 to upper intermediate B2

Lessons are only ONLINE via MS TEAMS, DROPBOX, GOOGLE DRIVE and other APPS.

Payment is via bank transfer, PAYPAL or REVOLUT.