Throughout my career I have worked with people of all ages. I enjoy working with those who are in need of some additional support in achieving what they want.


Because of my own personal story of learning English – see my story here (click) –  I am drawn to people who believe that they have ‘ failed’  learning English or they find it ‘impossible’ to learn.


Over the years, my main focus became supporting students in building self-esteem and confidence within the educational environment. 


My area of special interest is the role of creativity and expressive arts in the teaching-learning process.


I strongly believe that the learning process can be a lot of fun and enjoyable for all.


I prefer calling my role in the teaching and learning process a COACH because I see myself more of a guide rather than a teacher.


I lived in the UK for 25 years. Nowadays, I mostly reside in Malta.


2022 Malta Teacher training


I have worked as a freelance Educator since 2004

Private EFL online Teacher (2020 – present)
Creating, developing, and delivering tailor-made EFL classes for different age groups from 6-60


St Mary’s University, Scotland (summer programs in Malta and Portugal, 2022)
Creating the teaching material and running specialized EFL lessons to teachers from the European Union using e.g.: teaching the methodology of using ICT in the classroom


GOQP Leads Ltd., USA (2020-2022)
Online educational advisor and trainer – creating and running online educational programs for global employees – in the field of cultural awareness and communication in English


Executive Training Institute, Malta (2018 – 2020)
EFL Trainer – creating and teaching general English, English for Specific Purposes, and Business English programs for adults 16+; creating tailor made teaching material with specific purposes


VIBE Teaching Agency, UK (2011; 2013; 2018; 2019; 2022)
Supply teacher in different Elementary and Secondary Schools in and around London


Various EFL/school teaching positions in the EU and in the US (2011-2017)
• Teacher of various on-line pre-exam classes – Euro Pro B2 Exam; IELTS; FCE
• Summer camp EFL teacher, Educational English Culture Institute and GV Malta, in Malta, creating unique material tailor made to kids with different learning disabilities, teaching English for 13-18 year old (summer 2016)
• Brigade of Light Church and UNITY Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA – volunteer teacher to refugees at the (summers of 2015, 2016, 2017)
• Montessori Nannies UK – teaching ESP (Academic writing) for non-native speakers of English and for students at Montessori School in London, London Design School (2012-2014)


Bridge-Hid Educational Charitable Foundation, (2004-2011)
Educational advisor for a UK based company in Hungary and Bulgaria
Various EU funded projects (Continuous Learning, Erasmus) that aimed to support people particularly from ethnic backgrounds to learn foreign languages (EFL)


H-Net Professional Language School (2005-2009)
I taught military English to adult learners at the Hungarian Armed Forces (NATO) in group settings (NATO STANAG 6001 (Campaign – Level 0-3)


2002 – 2004
South Chelsea College, UK
EFL/ESOL Teacher
Teacher of English and Academic Writing for non-native speakers (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, IELTS) for adults and young adults


2002 – 2004
Volunteer work at Mentoring Plus Islington Trust (Crime Concern)
Basic Skill Tutor/Mentor
I tutored and mentored young people aged 15-18 supporting them developing basic skills: English, Math
I taught and mentored young people aged 15+ towards A-Levels, further education and/or career


2000 – 2002
South London area, UK
Supply Teacher – Nursery, KS1, KS2
I taught a variety of subjects in different school in south of London via different educational agencies


1999 – 2001
Westminster University, UK
Visiting Lecturer (part-time)
I assisted Hungarian students of the Language Department to gain their diploma in Interpreting and Translating (English, Hungarian, Italian)


1996 – 1999
Educational visits in Italy, South America and the USA


1991 – 1996
Fast Language School, Local Government (Veszprem County), HU
EFLTeacher & Assistant teacher
I taught English as a foreign language at secondary schools to pupils aged 13-18;I organized a children activity and English language camp with two colleagues of mine. We run a variety of educational programs and games for the children aged 6-13


1990 – 1991 Different Institutions , HU
Mentor and private tutor
I supported children with their studies who had (severe) learning disabilities such as dyslexia and ADD and similar
I taught English privately to children aged 6-13




2017 – present
CDP workshops – Continuous learning EU programs for teachers


Lemma Coaching School Ltd. – Coaching Certificate, Hungary


Net Dive Kft., – Mentor Certification Training, Hungary


2002 – 2003
Newcastle College– Distance Learning Centre, UK
Diploma in Coaching for Education and Coaching for Business


1991 – 1994
University of Veszprem (Pannonia), Hungary
Degree: June, 1994, Bachelor in Education and EFL
(Specialization: Methodology and Psychology)


1983 – 1987
Teleki Blanka Comprehensive Secondary School, Hungary
A-levels: Foreign Trade & Affairs, English, Hungarian, History, Mathematics