What is coaching?

Simply put it, coaching involves a dialogue between a coach and a client with the aim of supporting the client achieve well-defined results such as goals and dreams.



As a Language Coach, my job is to guide you through the wilderness of an unknown territory until you get familiar with it and you can walk on your own.


As a language teacher I have met numerous people  over the years who complained about their difficulties in learning the English language.  I studied and learnt this language myself. It is not a difficult language to learn!


In my experience, the major blocks in the way of leaning this wonderful language and speak it well are lack of motivation and undefined goals. 


During the Coaching process, first we define what you want to achieve and by when. Then we create a plan how to go about it.

Learning English – or any foreign language – is simply down to TWO components:

  1.  well-defined goals

  2. commitment