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This website is mostly in English. If you don’t speak English well, please find your language on the sidebar on the right, under ‘LANGUAGES’! 


This website is brand new because the old version of this site disappeared in the ether. I created that site sometime around 2005 and it got deleted in around 2020. Since then, I did not have the heart to re-start it. I loved that site; it was full of information … but then it wasn’t.


A few weeks ago something inside me gave me a nudge to start the EFL site again and make it as interactive as possible.


So, this website, the FORUMs, and the Facebook Group are for us all. I would like us to learn from each other! You are INVITED to add to it. I would like you to write your stories of learning, challenges, ups and downs, triumphs and happy moments as well as your suggestions and tips IN ENGLISH. I will do the same.


Most of us at some point studied English because English is our ‘common language’ whether we like it or not. It is a beautiful language that helps us CONNECT and LEARN FROM EACH OTHER.


The Facebook Group




This group is intended to be an international study group. To be a member of this group you do not need to be my student. However, you need to show some interest in learning languages, especially the English language.




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The Forums


I have created an OPEN FORUM – CLICK HERE TO ACCESS IT – so we can all discuss different language learning matters. This Forum is available to those who may not have a social media account. Click on the picture!



About me

I am an EFL ‘creative coach’ helping you to acquire the English language with ease, grace and oodles of Fun!


Learning the English language can be a lot of FUN! Creative learning is full of practical activities. Language is acquired thru creative play. Whether you are preparing for and exam or studying business English, you can enjoy doing it.  Learn more about me, click on the picture below.




My story


I started studying English in high school at 14. At first, I was assigned to the German learners’ group. I begged the class master to be transferred to the English learners’ group. I loved listening to songs in English and I so looked forward to learning the meaning of the songs. I got my wish. Then I wished I hadn’t.


I just hated it. I hated everything about it.


The English classes were horribly boring. We studied from some ancient black and white book. We never listened to music. And the teacher was a sadistic creature who enjoyed torturing those who did not appreciate her teaching style which was mostly about learning the meaning of the English words in Hungarian. We had tests daily which were humiliating because I had no idea.


Those who were good at English, did not speak the language but understood how it worked. Seemingly, the point was that we could read text written in English. I believed that English was the hardest language on earth. Apparently, Hungarian is the fifth hardest!


I failed my English class every term. So, I decided that I would never want to learn this silly language, EVER! My self-image and self-confidence were tarnished.

Because my grades were really bad, my family decided to get me a private teacher so I can finish high school.


That’s when the miracle happened. Hedi was only about 8 years older than me. She was intelligent, she worked, she smoked, she was cool and though! 🙂 I could not wait for our next lesson.


We listened to music, we talked about life and boys, smoked like a chimney, and in the mist of it all,  I learnt to speak English. I still don’t know how it happened, but it did! 🙂


I finished high school, and because I spoke English, I got accepted to a prestigious hotelier school.

… TBC …


If you are interested in the rest of story and how I ended up becoming an English teacher, come to my class and I will tell you more! 🙂



I have travelled a lot and lived in many places around the world. I have taught thousands of people over the years form various cultures. I have taught kids, teens, young adults, adults and the elderly.


I love teaching because what I do makes a difference!


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EduCoach Mentoring Program


What is coaching in education?


In short, the overall aim of the coaching in education is to enable learners/students to overcome any barriers hindering their learning process.
Who will enable them? The EduCoach!


During the EduCoach Mentoring Program educators/teachers become EduCoaches and learn how to support their students to become successful beyond the subject.


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