A Mentoring Program for teachers/educators of any age groups and any subjects.



Do you sometimes feel that you don’t know how to support your students to achieve better results and blossom?


Do you have the inkling that your students’ performance depends on  factors other than ‘having the discipline to learn the material’ or “having a good head for learning’?


Do you think that teachers/educators should possess a variety of practical tools to support their students’ performance? 



What is coaching in education?


In short, the overall aim of the coaching in education is to enable learners/students to overcome any barriers hindering their learning process.


Who will enable them? The EduCoach!


During the EduCoach Mentoring Program educators/teachers become EduCoaches and learn how to support their students to become successful beyond the subject.




What is in it for you?


EduCoach Mentoring Program will give you, the teacher, educator, and parent, the tools that will enable you to support your students to achieve better results quicker and so to experience greater success. 


As a result of attending the program:

  • Simply put it, you will be a successful teacher/educator!

  • You will be able to tailor your classes to the real needs of your students/children.

  • You will be able support your students/children as a coach. You will help them achieve their goals and overcome their challenges during the learning process.

  • It will be much easier for you to teach/educate anyone because you will be able to read your students/children educational needs quickly and easily.

  • You will be able to handle personal clashes and other behavioural issues with greater ease.

  • You will gain insight into your own challenges as an educator/teacher/parent and will have the opportunity to overcome them.

  • Tools of Coaching in Education will enable you to support yourself and your students/children to achieve and succeed with greater ease and joy.


The EduCoach Mentorig Program is especially design for teachers/educators/parents working with children from the age of 7, however, the coaching tools can be applied easily to any age groups with variations. For teachers participation is a personal and professional development opportunity,

The Forums give surface for participants to discuss best practices. 


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If you are a teacher who would like to learn more about ‘how to teach the person instead of the subject’, or you are an educator or a parent who wants to see the children in your care blossom, this space is for you.




How to participate?


I run a fortnightly-held small group session called EDUCOACH MENTORING PROGRAM for 4-12 participants where we learn about and discuss different aspects of COACHING IN EDUCATION and PRACTICAL TOOLS You can participate in any of the sessions randomly because they are easy to follow and practical. 


During the two-hour session, I will introduce a topic that we will practice in pairs. It is very important that you gain personal experience of the topic, so you can immediately apply the tools presented in your teaching practice. Each session will give you a tool from the coaching toolkit.


The Price


IT IS AFFORDABLE for anyone who wishes to improve their teaching or parenting skills! Each 2-hour session costs 10 EUR per person.


The is only ONE CATCH, you need to register and pay for the session at least 48 hours before the start of the session. The sessions are conducted in English.






The sessions are held online at the same time, on Thursdays, between 2-4pm CET (8-10am US EST), fortnightly

(if you wish to have the program run at a different time, please get in touch further below)




Upon registration and payment you will receive a PDF document with some instructions and information on the particular program you have registered for.


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What is Coaching in Education?


Originally, coaching in education is using coaching tools in an educational setting. Coaching in the classroom aims to provide support to students  to become successful beyond the subjects they study.


Students are supported to discover their limitations and beliefs that blocks them to achieve better results. During the coaching process students are supported to release limiting beliefs and behaviours and build more supportive ones.


Students are encouraged to set goals and achieve them with the powerful support of their peer group and a EduCoach. The main role of the EduCoach is to enable the students to achieve better results by applying the coaching tools.


All the above can be used in different educational settings or even at home.




The story behind the EduCoach Mentoring Program


I have been a teacher for about 30 years and a coach for about 20 years. I created this program based on my observations as a teacher/educator and as a coach.


Over the years, I have worked as a coach with a great variety of people. What I am most proud of, however, is the EduCoach Mentoring Program that I first created and ran in Bulgaria in collaboration with the Communication Academy in 2013. This program was created for anyone who works with children such as teachers, therapists, and  even parents.


Originally, I created this program to be a year-long training with 6 in person and some online meetings. Though the program was successful the format and some of the content is now outdated. So, I needed to find a new way of offering my expertise adapting to new circumstances.


I refined and updated the program during  the ‘lockdown’ in a way that teachers from all over the globe can attend it. Apart from the short online meetings, you can share and discuss best practices in our forums and can obtain a workbook to support your practice further.


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