Cultural Differences

Cultural Differences

This blogpost is about some funny things I have discovered by living in a culture different from my own and speaking its language fluently



One of my greatest discovery over my travels is the enormous differences between the way cultures think. Cultures differ and that difference is reflected in the official language of the culture. It maybe shocking but learning a language is mostly about understanding the culture and the way the culture thinks.


Let me give you an example of some cultural differences:

In the UK, when you make a mistake with regards to an authority like a parking company, it is often that you do not receive a fine but a ‘warning’ with some educational material explaining what you should do differently. Also, it is a general practice to provide a simplified version of complicated laws, rules and regulations to ensure that you understand your rights and your obligations. The general attitude of the culture is ‘educating’.  Hungary has a different attitude. In Hungary mistakes are often punished. The cultures believes in the redemptive power of punishment.


By definition, “Cultural differences range from differences in language and dress to body modification, beliefs, mores, landscapes, and even gear. Cultural differences arise constantly and are diffused throughout the physical world as people move, or through the Internet.” Source


When you are learning a language you are also studying the culture. Without understanding the culture you speak a language that is somehow between your mother tongue and the language you are studying. When you speak, you use words that are from the new language but the concepts you are expressing are still that of your mother tongue.


This is the reason why we teach the ‘living language’. It is really important that you not only learn the words that express your culture and personal thoughts but that you immerse yourself in the various elements of the cultural ‘differences’.


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