Self-expression thru communication

Self-expression thru communication

In this post, I would like to inspire you to ask yourself the question ‘do I want to be able to talk to others? is the bare minimum enough?’

Why do you study English (or any foreign language)?


Most people look to learn English to get by when travelling abroad.


But is it enough?


You may be able to ask your questions but will you be able to understand the answers?


And when, don’t you want to have a chat and learn more about them?


Particularly after COVID, don’t you want to connect with others and talk to them beyond ‘Where is ALDI, please’?


I understand that most people need to learn a foreign language for work purposes. It is not enough. if you are not motivated, you will find it hard to put in the work. Communication is the best motivator. Being motivated to communicate with others will carry you through the difficult times.


Even if you are introverted, you still, probably, want to communicate in writing in a way that others can understand it.


I used to teach a teenage girl. She was introverted and loved playing games on line. It motivated her greatly to speak English well. Even if she did not actually speak with anyone only chatted with them.


I suggest that you think about your motivation and your need for communication. Ask yourself: Why am I learning this language? For what do I really want to use the language? Search until you find a strong  motivator that will help you commit to learning in the long run.


Speaking a foreign language opens a new world and can connect you with many new people, even likeminded ones!


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