Learning thru creative play with KIDZ

Learning thru creative play with KIDZ

In this post I share about my experiences of teaching two six year old children.


I have been teaching two boys for a few months now. They both are 6 years old, and they don’t read or write yet.


OMG! Aren’t they the sweetest?! They are funny and engaging. They have no idea what is going on most of the time because their English is not strong enough to understand me, but they are up for it!

It makes such a difference. Kids are not bothered with what ‘others’ think about them. They are curious, investigative, and playful.


They are honest, test your boundaries and they give you immediate feedback on what they like and don’ t like. It makes my life easy. They know what they like doing and so I can prepare activities for them that are enjoyable and fun. They learn through play.


My job is to create and organize the material for them in such a way that they are exposed to a specific language – e.g. fruits and vegetables –  that they can hear (a lot!) and practice in a fun way.


For example, we were filling up our fridges with goodies yesterday. First, we decided if we liked a piece of fruit or vegetable or not. (Do you like …?) If we liked it, we also decided how much we liked it. If we liked the fruit or the vegetable a lot then we packed our fridge with many of them.


The boys were practicing the names of the fruits and vegetables as well as numbers while they were engaged in filling their fridges.


To make them busy, they had each a printed fridge and different cut-out fruits and vegetables that they could glue into the fridge in their workbook. They drew the number of pieces on top of the pictures. Finally, they coloured the entire picture to make it all look nice!


It was a lot of fun!


It is really important when teaching a child or an adult that the lesson is ran in a relaxed and playful way. Research proves that the more at ease we are the easier it is for us to retain information.



If you want to ‘ lean’  English with me, get in touch by clicking on the pictures below.



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