Learning can be oodles of FUN!

Learning can be oodles of FUN!

In this blog post I share about the importance of having fun while learning

If you are having FUN, you are learning!


Most adults find it hard to learn a new language. It is mostly because they find it difficult to handle not being able to express themselves well verbally, and relax into looking and sounding silly.

I have been teaching for a long time. At university, I majored in methodology because I believed in the importance of ‘ how’ we teach. At first, I thought that methodology was the key to teaching well – it is actually a good start – so I tried many different types of teaching styles to see which one worked best. None of them did because they approached people scientifically not practically. I still think that methodology is a cool science but I do not favour one type of teaching to another. It is because I realized that the needs of my students should be my guiding light when it comes to ‘ how’ I teach.


Through numerous questions and thorough investigations, I learn about my students, what their learning style is, what kind of support they really need, what kind of material would help them have more fun, etc.


When studying with me, every student receives an individualized  learning plan, topics and material created for them specifically based on their needs and wishes.


If you want to ‘ lean’  English with me, get in touch by clicking on the pictures below.



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