I started teaching as an assistant teacher in 1991, then I became a qualified teacher in 1994. Throughout my career I worked with people of all ages. I enjoy working with those who are in need of some additional support in achieving better results.

After having moved to the UK in 1999, I started to focus on educating myself further in the areas of my special interests. To further my knowledge of personal development and life skills, I enrolled on an Educational Performance Coaching Course at Newcastle University after I gained a Diploma in Business Performance Coaching. Later I trained to be a mentor. Lately, I have been gaining specialized training in the field of working with SEND students.

As a teacher-mentor my emphasis was on supporting the students’ learning process by encouraging them to look at their strengths and to name what they wanted to achieve rather than focusing on their limitations, disadvantages or misfortunes. We also talked about responsibility and commitment within and outside of the learning environment.

Between 2004 and 2009 I initiated different mentoring and coaching programs in schools and orphanages in Hungary and Bulgaria. The main aims of such programs were to support young people to reach for and achieve their full potential while breaking down the barriers and limitations that would otherwise hinder them. The programs were set up as group mentoring sessions with the help of either school stuff or volunteers.

Since 2011 I have worked as a freelance educator running workshops and training for mostly teachers and parents in the fields of ‘creativity in the classroom’ and ‘coaching techniques in education’ in different parts of the European Union such as Bulgaria, Hungary, UK, and Malta.

I continuously work online as a tutor, particularly with SEND students.

My main hobbies are expressive arts, drawing, creative writing and developing creative thinking patterns.