English through creative play

for children


Playful English is English language sessions for children between the age of 5 and 12. All the activities involve some creative endeavour and an adventure into the English language. The sessions are designed in a way children can participate in them individually or in small groups.

Learning a foreign language at school can be a drag. With this program, your child can learn English without noticing that he/she is actually making and effort in learning anything. The program provides oodles of fun.

During these activities children acquire the language through active play similar to the way they learn their mother tongue.

I believe in active learning, so I create an active and creative educational environment and offer educational services tailored to specific needs.

During the lessons, I teach English as a foreign language via various topics, playful activities and creative ventures. As you can see from the photos, I detect the children’s interest and build our sessions around these topics so to keep the educational content interesting and attractive for them.

Since my main hobbies are art, creative writing and developing creativity in general, I integrate much of that in my teaching sessions.

You can see some of my artwork – mostly those that I created together with or in relation to children I have taught.

I recognize that every student’s needs are different, which is the reason I customize these sessions to be as unique as the participating children, helping them attain valuable skills while making learning an enjoyable experience.

Whatever your child’s skill level or grade, I create a learning environment that is versatile, creative, interactive and supportive.

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