” Ildikó is a very caring and warm-hearted with others. He treats children absolutely as partners, supports their well being and development in creativity, openness and cooperation with funny tools, methods. She is is a very positive person, makes a really comfortable environment around her. I highly recommend her.” Mária, mother of a boy who attended one of the adventure workshops, 2013


“Ildikó 2015. szeptembertől kezdte tanítani angol nyelvre a lányaimat. A lányok 6 és 8 évesek, most találkoztak először a nyelvel.

A gyerekekkel nagyon hamar teremtett kapcsolatot. A nyelvet játékos formában , kreatív foglalkozások / rajz,színezés, ragasztás/ , rajzfilmek, énekek segítségével tanítja. Figyelembe véve a gyerekek érdeklődési körét és képességeit, egyénre szabottan haladnak.

A gyerekek nagyon szeretik és várják az angol órákat és Ildikót. Rengeteget tanultak tőle , megszerették az angol nyelvet.” Kovács Móni, 2015

“Kudlik Ildikó 2015 márciusától tanulok  angolul és 2015 szeptemberétől a gyerekeimet is ő tanítja. Munkájával teljes mértékig elégedettek vagyunk.

Óráin mindig felkészülten jelenik meg.A gyerekekkel szeretetteljesen,nagy odafigyeléssel bánik. Mindenkinek csak ajánlani tudom.”  Budai Zsófia, 2016 04.29.


Ildiko started to teach me approximately 1,5 years ago. At that time I moved abroad and it was essential for me to speak English to find a job and get on with every day life.

I had learned English in high school but I had to refresh my knowledge because I wanted to get a language exam (B2).

I was worried how to arrange the lessons but Ildiko offered to teach me on Skype. I have not used this programme for learning but there was no problem with it. I enjoyed every lesson, they were always interesting, useful and Ildiko is a professional teacher, helpful and flexible.

When I was told I am prepared for the language exam, I made an attempt and I passed the first time. During the exam I felt I am well prepared and my result was 86 %.

I am very grateful for her and I would truly recommend her as a teacher to everybody. Peter, 2017


Hi, my name is Anita. I met Ildiko in 2015. I didn’t receive my diploma because I didn’t pass the middle level English language exam. I spoke in English before but unfortunately I had to learn everything again. I was afraid of this, but Ildiko was very friendly, nice, funny and last but not least very patient. In my opinion this is the most important thing. Her time schedule was flexible so we could speak on Skype at any time of the day. She improved my knowledge of pronunciation, speech and writing. The lessons were interactive and thematic. She gave me many homework so I could practice a lot in my freetime. I had an opportunity to talk with an Englishman, which was a fantastic experience for me. I got self-confidence and confidence from Ildiko. I passed the language exam last year and I received my diploma. I can only recommend to learn with Ildiko if you would like to learn actively, effectively and efficiently. Anita, 2017


“Thanks! It is amazing! I would not have thought that lessons over skype are almost exactly like private lessons in person!”

‘The world is your oyster’ became absolutely true. We can be thousands of kilometres away from one another, even in different time zones and with a click we are in the ‘same space’ having a lesson … amazing stuff.

Thank you for your support, your patience and kindness. Our lessons have been fun and inspiring. I feel much more confident.” Balazs 2014


2001 with students from all over the world in London

2003 – feedback from student in London