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English&Art After-School Sessions

English&Art After-School Sessions
English&Art After-School Sessions

Are you wondering how you’re going to get through this school term?

I have a VIRTUAL AFTER-SCHOOL CLUB for your child with 3 months of creative and artsy activities combined with learning English as a foreign language organised around fun themes.

With this online program, children can enjoy themed creative activities and learning experiences each week.
For example, in Oceans Week, your children will create stuffed paper fish, do the ocean-in-a-bottle science experiment, and have fun learning about the world’s oceans and what lives in them. The topics are taken from the national curriculum and presented in a fun way.

Does this sound like something your child would enjoy?

Each week, you’ll receive a new module with video tutorials, learning materials, art+drawing prompts, and a fun challenge.
Though the program is virtual it does not mean that your child will be stuck indoors! 🙂
The events are held on ZOOM. Links will be provided upon registration.
Regular participation is advisable.
About me: I have taught English (EFL) and Art for two decades in many different parts of the world. I combine teaching English and Art in a way that learning becomes a joyful activity.

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Playing with kids

Playing with kids

Playful English is English language sessions for children between the age of 8 and 12. All the activities involve some creative endeavour and an adventure into the English language. The sessions are designed in a way children can participate in them individually or in small groups.

Learning a foreign language at school can be a drag. With this program, your child can learn English without noticing that he/she is actually making and effort in learning anything. The program provides oodles of fun.

During these activities children acquire the language through active play similar to the way they learn their mother tongue.

I believe in active learning, so I create an interactive and creative educational environment and offer educational services tailored to specific needs.



Tutoring definition

Tutoring definition

According to Collins Dictionary tutoring is “remedial or additional teaching, designed to help people who need extra help with their studies”

Though this definition covers the general meaning of tutoring, in my experience, teaching and tutoring must stand on a heart-felt care for the student. The tutor’s genuine care makes all the difference.

No teacher or tutor can pour knowledge into a student’s ‘head’. The teaching-learning process cannot be forced but enabled. The enabling can only happen on the firm foundation of mutual understanding, rapport, relating, compassion and genuine caring for thestudent’s well-being and development.

People, children in particular, should not be treated as ‘learning machines’. We all have a key to our unique learning channel or style and a tutor’s main job is to find this key and hand it to its rightful owner. The main difference between a classroom setting and a tutoring setting is the personal attention that must be used wisely and to the benefit of the student with the utmost care.

Playful English Events for Kids

Playful English Events for Kids


Have you decided what your children will be doing this summer?

I’ll be giving creativity infused English courses for 5 – 12 year olds in small groups.


Individual attention will be given to every child as the number is limited to a maximum of 6 children only in each class.

Should you wish them to join please contact me on my FB page ‘English Etherealized‘ where there you can see for yourselves the work that we do and what your children will be taught.

Course duration June to September 2016

Session duration: 1,5 hours three times a week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday)
Time and place can vary according to needs. Please inquire.

Price 8 euros each session per child (in case of 6 children). All material included.

Please apply by 8 June 2016. Message me for more info on +356 9911 2124.

Below you can see a picture from one of the sessions.

At this link you can find ample pictures taken over the various courses.

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A bug’s Life

A bug’s Life

We are creating  comics-like sequences of the events in the life of Flick, the crazy inventor ant who, by mistake, drops the food collected for the grasshoppers into the river and must find courageous bugs to protect the ant colony. He ends up with a group of circus bugs who, against all odds, become the most courageous of all and he, himself, finds his bravery when faced with danger and love.

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