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Tutoring definition

Tutoring definition

According to Collins Dictionary tutoring is “remedial or additional teaching, designed to help people who need extra help with their studies”

Though this definition covers the general meaning of tutoring, in my experience, teaching and tutoring must stand on a heart-felt care for the student. The tutor’s genuine care makes all the difference.

No teacher or tutor can pour knowledge into a student’s ‘head’. The teaching-learning process cannot be forced but enabled. The enabling can only happen on the firm foundation of mutual understanding, rapport, relating, compassion and genuine caring for thestudent’s well-being and development.

People, children in particular, should not be treated as ‘learning machines’. We all have a key to our unique learning channel or style and a tutor’s main job is to find this key and hand it to its rightful owner. The main difference between a classroom setting and a tutoring setting is the personal attention that must be used wisely and to the benefit of the student with the utmost care.