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Fish Idioms

Fish Idioms

a big fish in a small pond
definition: one of the most important people in a small group or organization
example: He acts like a big fish in a small pond ever since he became a manager.

to have bigger/other fish to fry
definition: to have more important and other things to do
example: I don’t have time to wait around for you all day. I have bigger fish to fry.

like a fish out of water
definition: appearing totally out of place/strange to the rest
example: I was the only one who was wearing elegant clothes at the dinner party, so I really felt like a fish out of water.

fish for a compliment
definition: try to get somebody to give you a compliment
example: When she told us how many people she had already helped I knew she was fishing for a compliment.

to drink like a fish
definition: to drink large amounts of alcohol
example: He said he drinks a little wine sometimes but now I know he drinks more like a fish.

there are plenty of fish in the sea
definition: there are other choices
example: I know you’re heartbroken now about Emily leaving you, but there are plenty of fish in the sea.

like a fish in muddy/troubled waters
definition: in a dangerous or difficult situation
example: George is fishing in troubled waters by buying more shares of the company.
an odd fish
definition: somebody who stands out/ an eccentric
example: Not many people accept my friend because he is really an odd fish.

like shooting fish in a barrel
definition: very easy to do
example: She’s so proud of herself for passing that exam, but it was so easy, like shooting fish in a barrel.